A complete list of talks, workshops, and publications is available on my CV.


2017   “Measuring Literary Influence at Scale with Tesserae’s Multitext Capability” with Caitlin Diddams, invited submission to Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

2017   (Forthcoming) “How Rare are the Words that Make Up Intertexts?: A Study in Latin and Greek Epic Poetry.” With Neil Coffee, invited submission to Intertextuality in Flavian Epic Poetry, De Gruyter

2017   (Forthcoming) “Measuring the Presence of Roman Rhetoric: An Intertextual Analysis of Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana IV.” With Caitlin Diddams, invited submission to Mouseion

2016   “The Tesserae Project: Detecting Intertextuality of Meaning and Sound.” With N. Coffee and C. Forstall. Proceedings from the 2014 Venice conference Risorse digitali e strumenti collaborative per le Scienze dell’Antichità.